My passion for organizing:

Bronwyn Durand home organizing paarl

As a qualified social worker I have always been fascinated by peoples lives and how behaviors and choices can influence the quality of our lives as apposed to other people. This includes our quality of living in our homes or offices for example. As a mom of four busy children and wife to a loving husband who travels and runs his own busness I quickly realized that my space had to work for me and not the other way around. I also realized that every object I owned took up time and energy much like my family did which therefor created an exhausting life. I de-cluttered my home and effectively created systems to help make life easy for my family and myself. I then started helping other people.

My qualification allowed me to realize that organizing a home often had very little to do with the clutter but with the people themselves. Identifying their problem areas and replacing them with systems allowed them to lead an easier, less stressful life. Stepping away from a de-cluttered, organized, systematic space watching people enjoy their spaces and show visible relief is very rewarding.

My experience:

Over the past 10 years I have had the privilege of transforming homes, flats, a pre school, a warehouse and offices. I have assisted in creating an administrative infrastructure for small businesses and helped individuals whose paperwork has taken over their lives. I have also been lucky enough to help people pack for holiday and unpack when they get home as well as moving a home.


"My family and I would like to extend our deepest thanks to Bronwyn and her awesome team for literally bringing order to domestic chaos. Not only was Bronwyn the driving force behind the new clean look, but gave us the motivation to part with documents, junk and other items people cling to for clinging sake.

Not only is our living space now decluttered, it is sensibly and logically arranged for my family to live in on daily basis.

Thank you Bronwyn and team for not only giving our house a fresh, clean look, but instilling a sense of sanity as well. I cannot recommend you highly enough!"



"Happiness is a place between too little & too much" - Finnish Proverb