The kitchen is the most used space in our home and it often has to accommodate the most people at any given time. It is a room that has to accommodate a number of functions and is used systematically throughout the day.

...and de-clutter their rooms. There are a number of tips to help get children involved in de-cluttering.Understanding the age of your child and breaking the de-cluttering process into different steps so that they can participate age appropriately will help.

The holidays are nearly here and often we go away to get away. Whether it is just for a day or two or a longer vacation what and how we pack can change the experience.

Why and how should children be involved in the running and maintaining of the home?

Downscaling is often used and associated with a phase later in life especially when a big event has come to an end. For example, we tend to downscale once

As a mom of four busy children, one with special needs, it is difficult not to allow all the goods they require and want in a day to take over not only our home

The main question I hear people who have clutter ask themselves is “How did things get so bad?” The answer is simple.

I have always had an interest with the impact goods have on our lives and I quickly realized that it is a psychological, emotional and financial impact. Once something is owned we don’t realize that it needs to be looked after.