Packing for the Holidays

Written by Bronwyn Durand

The holidays are nearly here and often we go away to get away. Whether it is just for a day or two or a longer vacation what and how we pack can change the experience.

Taking too much, too little or the wrong goods can make the experience away a stressful and uncomfortable one.

What and how we are packing is determined by where we are going, for how long, the season and our family structure. For example, are you going away for a few days or a week or two? Are we going somewhere local or overseas? Is it a city, small town or remote area somewhere? Is it going to be warm or cold? Do you have children and if so how many? All these questions determine what we will need on our holidays.

Once you know where you are going you can determine what you need to pack. Think about what you would wear and use everyday starting from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. You wont only need clothes but toiletries, possibly your reading glasses or contact lenses or medication. We go through our day automatically so when we are going somewhere else for a period of time we have to make ourselves more aware of the finer details of the goods we use everyday subconsciously. Make a list of the things you need throughout the day as your mind wonders through your routine. You can also make the list as you are practically going through the day a few days ahead of time.

It is helpful to plan and pack for one family member at a time, whether it is just yourself and your partner or children as well. Pack out all the clothes and goods required for that person on the floor so that you can have an overview of what you think must go along. Try to pack each persons goods in the same order on the floor e.g. shoes first, then pants, then shirts etc. This allows your mind to focus on what is being packed rather than trying to remember what you had taken out for the other people you are packing for. You eye will quickly know where to scan for each persons shoes, jackets etc. Count the number of suits you will be taking per person per day, trying to stick to one suit per day with only one extra suit for emergencies. Over packing causes more packing, more luggage and more goods to look after once you arrive at your destination.

Once you have placed everyone’s goods out to see in a particular order it is time to pack. It is helpful to place children’s clothes in their suits already. For example, place the child’s pants, top and underwear together and then place the next set of clothes on top of that. This helps to make unpacking much easier when you arrive for your holidays. Limit everyone to one jacket but a few more warm tops if the weather is cooler. Gowns and slippers aren’t always necessary if the children won’t be leaving the accommodation in the evening and if it isn’t too cool at night. If it is a little cool they can slip on a warm top over their pajamas. Allow children to take their own backpack with a few toys but limit it to a few items only. These toys are only as a backup incase the weather turns or while traveling. Once you arrive at your destination there will be a lot of new things to do and to explore so many toys wont be necessary.

Place you toiletries and other goods in categories. For example, all toothbrushes and tooth paste together. Then place this in either a zip lock bag or any appropriate bag to prevent spillage. The advantage of zip lock bags is that you can always see what you have packed, it packs flat and you can categorize your goods and keep them that way during your holiday.
Once you arrive at your destination make sure you unpack right away so that your goods are easily and readily available to you and so that the chore of unpacking is out of your mind. Unpacking quickly also means that if you have children they are able to act independently almost as the holiday starts by finding their own clothes and goods.

Packing sensibly allows for a smooth, relaxing and easy holiday where you know where your possessions are in a new environment. It also stops you goods from taking over your holiday and spending precious time looking for things unnecessarily.

Last modified on Sunday, 30 July 2017 20:45