Quick Tips for a Functional Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most used space in our home and it often has to accommodate the most people at any given time. It is a room that has to accommodate a number of functions and is used systematically throughout the day.

The kitchen is not only where we cook the food for the whole family but also where everyone’s clothes are washed, sometimes dried and ironed. We also wash the dishes and food is kept fresh, frozen or stored. The kitchen is where we go to get a drink of water or a warm cup of coffee.

It is also a room where children learn about chores and the life long skill of cooking is learnt. It is where memories are made when birthday cakes are baked and decorated and you spend time putting sprinkles on biscuits while sitting on the floor with
your toddler. The kitchen is also the inevitable meeting place where all your friends end up chatting during a dinner function. It is a space where aromas evoke childhood memories and the healing pot of chicken soup is made.

The function of the kitchen is endless and it is both a functional and emotional space. For this reason it has to be a functional, open and inviting room. Here are a few quick tips to help you improve the functionality of the kitchen easily and inexpensively.

1. Hang anything you can

The space to the top of any cupboard is wasted and often unused space. By placing a few hooks strategically you can hang pots, pans and mugs. Just make sure that there is enough space between the utensil you are hanging and the one placed on the shelf of the same cupboard.

2. Make use of baskets

Baskets are useful to store vegetables if you don’t have a vegetable rack in your kitchen. Place onions, potatoes and any fruit that doesn’t need refrigerating into baskets in a cupboard. This organizes your food, creates automatic divisions in your cupboard and is visually appealing. Baskets are also useful for storing bags and spices.

3. Divide drawers

Don’t be afraid to secure wooden slats into a drawer to create divisions. These can be simply unscrewed and removed if the function of the drawers changes in the future. Divisions are useful for separating cutlery, spices, and even stationary placed in the kitchen.

4. Mount shelf organizers

Today it is easy and inexpensive to purchase and install shelf organizers that were once only found in exclusive kitchens. They are sold separately and can be found in any kitchen store or similar DIY stores. These allow shelves to be transformed into a functional spaces allowing easy access to goods. For example, they can allow plates or spices to slide out of a cupboard easily.

5. Store items according to use

Always make sure that the items you use the most are placed in the most functional cupboard closest to the space you use them in. Having to walk around the kitchen looking for various items to cook one dish can be frustrating and waste time and energy.

A kitchen is a beautiful family room and the easier it is to use it the more pleasure a family can get from it.

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