What Impact Does Clutter and Disorganization Have On Our Lives?

Written by Bronwyn Durand

I have always had an interest with the impact goods have on our lives and I quickly realized that it is a psychological, emotional and financial impact. Once something is owned we don’t realize that it needs to be looked after.

Whether it has to be dusted, a place in our home, office or car needs to be found for it or it has to be stored it still needs to be dealt with regularly. Knowing you have to deal with the particular object you have acquired and then physically moving, cleaning or storing it is a job on its own. This is something we aren’t always aware of and can’t understand why clutter is affecting us.

Our lives are all very busy and pressurized and many of us are responsible for other people (children, family members, a team at work). These aspects of our lives already demand our attention and emotional and psychological energy.

For example after a long day at work I get home and have to feed the kids and make sure the bills are paid with the money I earned from working all day. As I enter the lounge I realize that I have a huge pile of books I promised my self I was going to sort out two weeks ago. While I am getting the evenings duties sorted out I am aware of the books in my way, cluttering the picture in my head of the type of relaxing lounge I would have liked to have and realizing it is going to take me about 2 hours to sort the books into titles, wipe them down, find a shelf for them and then contact a seller for the rest …. You get the picture. So instead of relaxing and watching television I am preoccupied by a job that hasn’t happened yet and anxious about how this might all get done. Alternatively I have to try to make peace with the pile of books on my floor on my less than picture perfect lounge. (And oh goodness what am I going to do when we have guests?! I am going to have to hide the books!) This all becomes a distracting, emotionally draining thought process that never ends.

The more we have the more we are responsible for. The goods we own don’t improve the quality of our lives, the systems we have in place in our lives do. The goods we own don’t fill an emotional gap in our lives, the family and friends and self worth we have do. Having less is really more as it allows us to focus on the important things at hand and stops the ongoing drain of emotional strength, financial waste and psychological distraction.

Last modified on Thursday, 08 June 2017 18:26